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Virtual Hogwarts [Feb. 3rd, 2014|03:40 am]
Harry Potter RPG Ads


..virtual hogwarts..
Your stay in the Wizarding World is only just beginning.

Leave the real world behind, and delve into the rich surroundings of
Virtual Hogwarts!

At VH, you'll live the life of a wizard, spanning your entire magical education, in an innovative and active role-playing environment. Take courses with experienced professors, and hone your magical skills. Participate in dueling and Quidditch, both of which combine a unique mixture of role-playing and point system strategies that will get you hooked.

Sneak off to Honeydukes for some well-earned pumpkin pasties. Tempt fate and wander into the Forbidden Forest, where the remnants of Lord Voldemort's allies reside. Excel and try your chances at becoming a Prefect, a Quidditch Captain, or even Head Boy or Girl! Enjoy yearly site-wide events, such as Tri-Wizard tournaments and carnivals on the lawn.

Here at VH, you'll make life-long friends and experience a unique escape from Muggle life, and the chance to spin your creativity to places of which you've never dreamed.

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Virtual Hogwarts is an active online role-playing forum, set in the times after the fall of Lord Voldemort. The castle was subsequently restructured and funded by the Malfoy family, and Hogwarts remains the main educational institution for the magical children of Britain. With over 9000 registered characters, VH has been online since 2003, and stands as one of the most active canon-based RPG forums around. A short sorting form is all you need to register and begin your quest through seven years of magical learning and tumultuous adolescence. Under a watchful PG rating and caring administrators, all role-players are safe at VH. So take a chance... your magical journey awaits.
This year's sorting closes Febuary 14th.

Virtual Hogwarts

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